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Monday, December 26, 2005
well, i have started a new blog with huay shan and i must admit, it looks fantastic despite the text being pink! oh my dear lord, i'm really in love with it and i might even shut this down and move permanently to that blog. that way, i won't have to update twice. hmmm. i might or i might not, i'll decide later. for now, please drop by and leave a tag on the ever so fascintating flashbox. haha. i love it, really. thanks pam for introducing it to me by putting it on your blog! haha. here's the address:

link us, yes? cheers! (:

wongs-ranted at8:07 PM

Monday, November 28, 2005
i'm aching all over!!! i seriously feel like dying.

well, had great fun ytd at sentosa with 4/2 :) really glad i went. the rugby, bball, power shots, volleyball and tanning was gooood! even though spending 9hours in sentosa is no joke at all. then again, it was all worth it cos i think i'm really really fit now after all that sloshing in the sand and running around. for some strange reason, i'm always the one that ends up getting thrown, pulled or smashed to the sand. haha. it's fun though, in some weird way. hehs. there were so many things to do that time just seemed to fly by. all the eating too! thanks kim for introducing me to peanut butter and strawberry jam! oh boy. all that fun has finally taken its toll on me. i can hardly move.

i was supposed to go shopping with aunty melia today at ikea but my mum didn't allow cos i have to pack for my trip. and melia has to paint her room purpur and yellow. hehs. so we decided to cancel. a good thing we did though, since i can hardly move and my room needs intensive packing. have to get rid of all the books!!! and files!! make room for next year. but it's not really productive since i'm typing this. ha! oh well, i shall go start now, cos there are plenty of shows to watch. desperate housewives! rome! wire in the blood! house! (although i have no idea how to watch house and rome at the same time) what lies beneath! ok, i should get started now. but before i end, must say something:

legion juniors!
thank you so much for the fantabulous bowling and lunch! i really had great fun eating, talking and making complete fools of ourselves while trying to bowl. i hope that you guys will continue to shine on and i will really miss you guys! thank you so much for making my day :)

prefects juniors!
thank you for all the sweet messages and great farewell party! though it was quite short, i had fun watching the skit! it was really kick assing funny! haha. guess i will really miss you guys next year. hope you will work well together! nobles oblige! :)

my, my! sentosa was great complete fun! we must go out again sometime! and eat and talk again! rugby was great! hope we'll still keep in touch and keep the 4th of feb free to party! :) see you soon i hope! love :)

alright, cheers!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005
wow! i finally changed my blog add! haha.i guess i just got sick of nana-head. remeber to relink yea? alright, cheers!

wongs-ranted at8:44 PM

omg! os are finally over!! i'm so bloody excited! there are so many things to do!!! haha. i'm seriously elated! now it's time to EXERCISE! ha.
friday night was THE best! went out with 20 odd 4/2ers and we had dinner at swensons. got stuck in massive traffic jam! goodness. thank goodness when we got to ps there was enough place for all 20 of us! haha. we made SO much noise. ok. maybe i made lots of noise but we were just so high! told ghost stories at the table. head bouncing debs. heh. talked lots. then at about 8 plus, aileen brought the whole hoard of us to some special place/ romantic place. ha! it was really cool! but it was kinda funny at the same time cos we walked from ps all the way to somerset. when we were outside the irish pub, we saw this monument and we thought it was the place. gosh! everyone was like what the $#&@*! hahas. but trust me, the real place was kick assing awesome! thanks ai :). we sat in the middle of purple lights.. or should i say PURPUR! haha. and started talking, gossiping and talking! shioks! although, we were afraid of getting arrested under illegal gathering cos there were about 15 of us. i guess we WERE really loud and all. hehs. walked to see the xmas decorations! whoppee! the spinning drummer boy at heeren was a bit freaky, esp with the green light behind it. still, it was beautiful. sadly, i had to go home cos i was damn tired. by the time i went home, it was like 10 45pm! haha. thank god my parents didn't kill me. they were so sweet, in fact :). so yea, that was my fantabulous day., thank you so much 4/2! you guys really made my day :) sure gonna see you soon!!! :)
i'm sucha happy girl :)) cheers!

wongs-ranted at8:42 PM